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Jackie Lamb
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINASaturday, January 27, 2007Bobcats Arena 


On Saturday, January 27, spectators started quickly filling Bobcats Arena in
Charlotte, North Carolina for 2 hours of what would be an evening on the edge of their seats.  With 45 of your top professional bull riders traveling from all over for a thrilling 3 days of 8 seconds to be matched up with some of the rankest bulls on the circuit. The Dale Jr., PBR Clash was going to be a night to remember. 

As 8:00 pm arrived for the second round of the Dale Jr. PBR Clash, the lights went dim and it was “show time.”  Burst of flames went up,
America’s finest carrying
United States flags, and rider introductions began the evening, with JB Mauney, a local
North Carolina resident, being the crowd’s favorite. 

Shortly, thereafter, music started pounding through Bobcats Arena as Brian Canter would be the 1st bull rider to show his stuff.  Brian stepped into the bucking shoot slowing straddling his bull, and began to strap his hand in his rope.  Seconds later the gate latch popped open and went flying as Brian Canter came out strong with one arm high in the air, to only make a 7.2 second ride.  Following would be eight more riders to hit the ground fast and hard before the 8 second whistle, including the hometown kid JB Mauney, whom made an impressive 88.75 score the night before, with two of those eight riders to receive a re-ride.   

After nine riders thrown, it looked as if the bulls were on a mission to beat down the cowboys. However, your 10th rider out, Dustin Hall, would break the streak to be the 1st rider of the evening to make a qualified ride for an outstanding 86.5 points. It seemed as if Dustin Hall had rubbed his good luck onto a few of his fellow cowboys, with Silvanei Dias, Paulo Crimber, Cody Hart, Rocky McDonald, Colby Yates and Robey Condra, all making great qualified rides. 

Now, with 29 riders down, several qualified rides later but many more flips and hooks in between, up to come were still fan favorites and riders who are no strangers around the back pens.  Trying his luck next would be crowd pleaser and past champion, Justin McBride.  As Justin would give it all he had on Hollow Point, only to announce a disappointing 83 points for the 3 million dollar Oklahoma cowboy. 

As the Dale Jr. PBR Clash came to a close, Ross Coleman, Wiley Peterson, Robson Palermo, Mike White and Jason Bennett with re-rides, would all receive scores to keep them in the game for the following day go-round. A hushing crowd also intensely watched two of PBR’s all-time favorites, J.W. Hart and Adriano Moraes, fly through the air with a no score, and prayed for unconscious Mike Lee as they carried him off the arena floor by a stretcher. 


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