TUMS Racing Finds the Most TUMSworthy Tailgate Temptations at Texas

PITTSBURGH (April 14, 2007) – TUMS Racing has found the best chef of the speedway, the grill master of the grandstands and the culinary expert of the campgrounds – all within the confines of Texas Motor Speedway.

The winners (L-R) — Jimmy Dunn and Mike Childress; Robert Farely; and Matt Champion –show off their trophies.

On Saturday, April 14, 2007, TUMS held the Diner Delights cookoff with an all-star judging panel at the TUMS “Dinermobile” located in the Fan Concourse area. Fans turned out in droves to present their racetrack specialties, with nine finalists going on to the final round of judging. Three winners took home the top titles, including:

Hottest Heartburn – Robert Farley of Houston took home the trophy for his dish – Top Fuel Chili

Most Likely to Inspire Indigestion – Matt Champion of Ohio earned honors in this category for his signature dessert – Bourbon Bread Pudding

Most TUMS Worthy – Jimmy Dunn and Mike Childress of Longview, TX, claimed the prize for creativity in this free-for-all category with their Cornbread Casserole

The category winners in the TUMS Diner Delights Cookoff each won a TUMS pit tour for two on Sunday morning and a TUMS Diner Delights trophy. The nine semi-finalists took home a TUMS t-shirt and a TUMS Racing flag. All participants received a TUMS hat and TUMS gift pack. Winning recipes will be available for fans to download at www.TUMSracing.com.

The judging panel, which tasted everything from gumbo and jambalaya to chili to jalapeno appetizers to cornmeal cakes shaped like Texas rated the dishes and scored them on:

Judges (L-R )included Bill Kollitz, TUMS Brand Manager, Becky Sorenson, (Reed Sorenson’s Mothe)r; Doug Rieppe, tire carrier for the No. 40 Coors Light Dodge; Seth Livingstone, USA Today, and Marty Smith . ESPN

· Taste
· Originality
· Preparation
· Appearance
· Creativity

TUMS knows that race weekends are full of food, fun and fast action that can sometimes lead to heartburn and indigestion. But with TUMS, there’s no need to pack it up and go home Just “pit” for a little fast relief at the “Dinermobile” exhibit in the fan concourse area and continue enjoying the weekend.

TUMS celebrated the art and science of campground cuisine in honor of their primary sponsorship of the No. 41 TUMS Dodge Charger for Reed Sorenson in the race at Texas on Sunday, April 15, 2007.

“A weekend at the track is all about food, fun and fast action, and we celebrated the best of that with the fans at Texas Motor Speedway,” said Bill Kollitz, TUMS Brand Manager, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare. “We saw some great dishes competing in the TUMS Diner Delights cookoff and are proud to crown our champions as the top chefs of the speedway.”