Image furnished by Linda Shier/SIT

Charlotte, NC May11, 2007


Okay, what do Dale Jr., DEI, RCR (Richard Childress Racing), and the rumor mill have in common?  Well to develop our bit of insider information into a supportable best guess we need to build our little story for the readers so they understand.  Yes, it is old news that Little E didn’t get along with Mommy Dearest otherwise known as Teresa since he was about five years old.  In fact it had regressed so far that Kelly, Jr.’s sister, had to act as intermediary for quite some time between the two.  So when Jr. announces that the contract will not be renewed, it comes as no surprise since that has been the speculation for the last year and a half.


Now throw into the mix the fact that Dale Jr. met with Richard Childress some months back to discuss his possibly going with RCR for a short term (rumor has it for one year) to revitalize and reintroduce the #3 car which is as we all know the number that Dale Sr. ran for 7 championships……then things begin to come into focus.  Let’s take into account also that Teresa and her high-powered Wall Street negotiator tried to leverage $70+ million out of Jr. for a 51% stake in an operation that’s not worth 10% of that without Jr. in the stable.  This is not only bizarre, but also rates as the height of folly by Teresa in thinking that she could possibly get that out of Jr.


Is the picture becoming clear?  Is the crystal ball becoming less fuzzy?  Now let’s start to begin to second-guess a little bit of what could be very real.  Let’s say Jr. takes a one year deal with RCR which has room in it’s stable for one more Cup addition to remain within the 4 car limit that NASCAR is going to enforce starting next year.  This could be very real since both Richard and Jr. could make a tidy profit off of such a situation simply on royalties from licensed products.  Heck I would buy that piece of die-cast!  DEI (Dale Earnhardt Inc.) without a Budweiser deal, no Jr., and a lack of clear leadership winds up being auctioned on the courthouse steps to stave off the profuse bleeding of capital at the start of the 2009 Season.  Behold, Junior to the rescue and purchases DEI for pennies on the dollar bringing AB (Anheiser-Busch) back into the fold and he takes over the reigns as majority owner with some serious backing from who knows where.


Well one thing about all this hullabaloo, we are betting that Junior comes out on top no matter how this little scene plays out.  We are also willing to take odds on him owning the controlling interest in DEI before it is all over with and he will finally have his complete birth rite as it was intended.  Oh, now if you can’t buy what we have stated here…….our friend and consulting editor Jack “Iron Man” Ingram is betting that it will be a short term deal with Joe Gibbs since Hendrick has no room at the Inn.  Personally, I want to see Junior run the #3 for a Season just for grins.  How about you?