Results from the 20th stop on the Built Ford Tough Series presented by Wrangler

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (June 24, 2007) – The Dickies Invitational, part of the Professional Bull Riders’ (PBR) Built Ford Tough Series (BFTS) presented by Wrangler concluded tonight from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. The 20th stop on the elite BFTS tour thrilled Texas bull riding fans with astonishing rides and harrowing wrecks. 2005 PBR World Champion, Justin McBride (Elk City, Okla.) dominated the field, covering all three of his bulls and rewriting the PBR record books when he claimed his seventh event title of the 2007 season. The season event wins record was originally set in 1999 by that year’s PBR World Champion Cody Hart (Gainesville, Texas). In 2005 McBride tied the previous record on his way to his PBR World Championship title that year.

Referring to the success he’s experienced this season, McBride stated “It’s been a good run this year but there’s a lot of season left and we’re a long ways from over.”

McBride finished third in the first round of the Dickies Invitational with 86.75 points aboard Frontier and Teague Bucking Bulls’ Here’s Your Sign. He dominated the competition on Sunday afternoon when he went into the Built Ford Tough Championship Round leading the field of outstanding bull riders. McBride covered the previously unridden Dreamin owned by Davis/White in the final round for 88.5 points and claimed the event championship.

“I drew really good bulls this weekend,” said McBride. “It’s nice to be able to stay consistent and on top of my game. I take each bull I draw as I go and it’s definitely paying off this season. I’m looking forward to the rest of the [BFTS] season.”

With McBride’s 29th career event win he moved even closer to taking over the lead for career event wins from three-time and current PBR World Champion Adriano Moraes (Cachoeira Paulista, Sao Paulo, BZ). Moraes has 33 event championships on his resume.

As the race for the 2007 PBR World Championship comes closer to the finish line, McBride continues to separate himself from the rest of the pack. His closest competitor, J.B. Mauney (Mooresville, NC), trails McBride by a 1,434.5 point margin. McBride has maintained his lead over the 2006 Daisy Rookie of the Year for virtually the entire season, yet Mauney has continually remained within striking distance of the veteran cowboy. Each remaining stop on the BFTS tour is crucial to the BFTS points standings; the lead could change at any time.

Don’t miss one second of the action as the battle for the PBR world title continues to intensify. The Cheeseburger Island Style Invitational gets underway next weekend June 29-30 in Glendale, Ariz. from the Arena. The world’s best bull riders will face-off against the rankest bucking bulls in the industry on VERSUS on Saturday, June 30 and Sunday, July 1 at 9 p.m. ET. Be sure to check your local listings for complete broadcast information.


There are no injuries to report.


Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s “Ride with the Best” Bonus:

As the winner of the Jack Daniel’s Invitational in Nashville, Tenn., Robson Palermo (Rio Branco, Acre, BZ) was eligible for the Enterprise Rent-A-Car “Ride with the Best” bonus money in Dallas. Palermo was unsuccessful in the first round on Andrews Rodeo Co. Inc.’s Fender Bender, therefore the bull’s owner walked awayt with the $5,000 bonus, but Palermo was successful in the second round aboard McCoy Ranches’ Bells Blue, claiming the $5,000 bonus for himself. As the Dickies Invitational event winner Justin McBride (Elk City, Okla.), will be eligible for the bonus next weekend in Glendale, Ariz. at the Cheeseburger Island Style Invitational.

Ford Truck Moment of Truth Bonus:

Justin McBride (Elk City, Okla.) led the event going into the Built Ford Tough Championship Round and earned the Dickies Invitational event title; therefore claiming the $15,000 Ford Truck Moment of Truth Bonus. The bonus will return to $5,000 for the next event.

Ford Super Duty Challenge:

As the Dickies Invitational event winner bull rider Justin McBride (Elk City, Okla.) has qualified for a chance to compete at the PBR Built Ford Tough World Finals, against all other 2007 Built Ford Tough Series event winners, for $50,000 toward the purchase of a 2007 Ford Super Duty Truck. The Ford Super Duty Challenge contestant who finishes the highest in the event aggregate during the 2007 PBR Built Ford Tough World Finals will win the Ford Super Duty Challenge.

Bully Dog Short Go Top Qualifier:

Justin McBride (Elk City, Okla.) was awarded $2,500 for being the bull rider with the highest cumulative score (i.e. highest in the event average) going into the Built Ford Tough Championship Round and for properly displaying the Top Qualifier Patch.

Salem NationaLease Bull of the Event:

Cochise owned by Klein/Henry dominated the Dickies Invitational with a bull score of 46.75 points, and was awarded $1,250 as a part of Salem NationaLease’s exciting bonus program. The program awards $1,250 to the top bull of the event as determined by the PBR judges’ bull scores.

Cabela’s World’s Foremost Ride:

Paulo Crimber (Olimpia, Sao Paulo, BZ) recorded the highest marked ride of the event when he topped bull Boyd/Floyd/Paradise Farms’ Camo for 91.25 points during the Built Ford Tough Championship Round. In doing so, he earned a $1,000 bonus.

The rider who achieves the highest score at each BFTS regular season event during the 2007 BFTS regular season excluding the PBR World Finals receives a bonus of $1,000 for the event. The PBR athlete who achieves the highest marked qualifying ride during the entire 2007 BFTS regular season, excluding the PBR World Finals event will receive $25,000, while second and third place finishers will be awarded $10,000 and $5,000, respectively. The bull rider that achieves the highest marked ride through the course of the entire 2007 PBR BFTS World Finals will earn an additional $10,000.

Justin McBride (Elk City, Okla.) is in the lead for the Cabela’s World’s Foremost Ride bonus of $25,000 with his 93-point performance in Auburn Hills, Mich., on Chicken on a Chain, owned by Robinson, Tedesco and Larry the Cable Guy.

AlphaTrade National Champion Standings:

A new bonus program offered by AlphaTrade will present the 2007 Built Ford Tough Series regular season champion, defined by PBR rules to be the rider with the highest BFTS points total at the end of the regular season, with $50,000 and the opportunity to win up to $200,000. The winner will be determined and announced at the Rocky Boots Invitational this year in Columbus, Ohio in October. At present, Justin McBride has a lock on the top. However, North Carolina’s J.B. Mauney is trailing McBride by a mere 1,434.5 BFTS points.

DICKIES INVITATIONAL ROUND ONE RESULTS: 1) Sean Willingham (Summerville, Ga.) 88.25 points on Bailey Rodeo Company’s Red Man, $2,730; 2) Jared Farley (Kempsey, NSW, AU) 87.5 points on Mark Kanabe’s Permanent Destination, $1,950; 3) Justin McBride (Elk City, Okla.) 86.75 points on Frontier and Teague Bucking Bulls’ Here’s Your Sign, $1,170; 4/5) Harve Stewart (Stephenville, Texas) 86.5 points on Bailey Rodeo Company’s Big and Rich, $624; 4/5) Paulo Crimber (Olimpia, Sao Paulo, BZ) 86.5 points on Andrews Rodeo Co. Inc.’s Red Onion, $624.

DICKIES INVITATIONAL ROUND TWO RESULTS: 1) Kody Lostroh (Longmont, Colo.) 88.5 points on Andrews Rodeo Company’s Fender Bender, $2,730, 2) Cord McCoy (Tupelo, Okla.) 87.25 points on 4C’s Bucking Bulls’ Total Darkness, $1,950; 3/5) Justin McBride (Elk City, Okla.) 86.75 points on Double R Bucking Bulls’ Sharp Shooter, $806; 3/5) Scott Schiffner (Strathmore, AB, Canada) 86.75 points on Chad Berger/Ryken/Hawks’ Scardey Cat, $806; 3/5) McKennon Wimberly (Cool, Texas) 86.75 points on Cordell & Loudamy’s Jack Daniel’s Silver Select, $806.

BUILT FORD TOUGH CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND RESULTS: 1) Paulo Crimber (Olimpia, Sao Paulo, BZ) 91.25 points on Boyd/Floyd/Paradise Farms’ Camo, $2,730; 2) Sean Willingham (Summerville, Ga.) 89.75 points on Diamond S Bucking Bulls’ Okeechobee Spots, $1,950; 3) Brian Canter (Randleman, N.C.) 88.75 points on Frontier/Teague/Steiner’s Just A Dream, $1,170; 4) Justin McBride (Elk City, Okla.) 88.5 points on Davis/White’s Dreamin, $780; 5) Michael Riggs (Claxton, Ga.) 88.25 points on Chumley/Katich/R&L’s Dr. Proctor, $468.

OVERALL EVENT RESULTS: 1) Justin McBride (Elk City, Okla.) 262 points, $45,821; 2) Sean Willingham (Summerville, Ga.) 178 points, $17,745; 3) Paulo Crimber (Olimpia, Sao Paulo, BZ) 177.75 points, $12,919; 4) Michael Riggs (Claxton, Ga.) 174.5 points, $6,245; 5) Matt Bohon (Cole Camp, Mo.) 173.5 points, $5,039.

BUILT FORD TOUGH SERIES POINT STANDINGS: 1) Justin McBride (Elk City, Okla.) 9,426.75 points; 2) J.B. Mauney (Mooresville, N.C.) 7,992.25 points, 3) Sean Willingham (Summerville, Ga.) 5,836.25 points, 4) Guilherme Marchi (Leme, Sao Paulo, Brazil) 5,013.25 points; 5) Brian Canter (Randleman, N.C.) 4,891points; 6) Paulo Crimber (Olimpia, Sao Paulo, Brazil) 4,386.25 points, 7) Matt Bohon (Cole Camp, Mo.) 4,149.5 points, 8 ) Kasey Hayes (Liberal, Kan.) 4,113 points; 9) Jason Bennett (Honeygrove, Texas) 3,924 points; 10) Kody Lostroh (Longmont, Colo.) 3,882.5 points.