4C’s Bucking Bulls and Training takes lead in Bull Team Challenge Competition

ANAHEIM, Calif. (February 10, 2008) – When the lights dimmed on the Anaheim Invitational, which was stop No. 8 on the Professional Bull Rider’s (PBR) Built Ford Tough Series presented by Wrangler (BFTS), it was Paulo Crimber (Olimpia, Sao Paulo, Brazil) who rode away with the win, proving that nice guys can indeed finish first. Three electrifying performances featuring the greatest bull riders in the world wowed fans who made their way to the Honda Center February 8-10. The Anaheim Invitational featured the world’s top 45 bull riders gunning for the tour’s million dollar PBR World Championship title as they engaged in all the hard-hitting action typical of PBR tour events.

Dominating Naccarato Bucking Bulls’ All In for 90.5 points during the Built Ford Tough Championship Round, Crimber became the first, and ultimately the only man to ride four bulls during the Anaheim Invitational. Surprisingly, the Anaheim Invitational represents only Crimber’s second career BFTS event title. His mega-watt smile has not graced the winner’s circle since he won the Worcester, Mass., event title in 2001. Finishing out of the money in rounds one and two, splitting sixth and seventh in round three, and finally notching the win during the short go, Crimber’s steady persistence led him to victory.

Understandably, after waiting seven years to savor another BFTS event win, the Anaheim Invitational victory held special significance for Crimber.

“I sure can’t complain,” Crimber said good-naturedly. “I’m healthy this season and riding well. I’m drawing good and I think right now I have the whole package. I’m ready for a gold buckle.”

The nine-time PBR World Finals qualifier who finished ninth in the world in 2007, boasts a 78.26 riding percentage this season and has ridden 18 of the 23 bulls he has drawn en route to placing among the top five at four of the eight tour stops held to date. Crimber has amassed $1,094,781 in career earnings and has been a fixture on the BFTS since 1999. Crimber moved from fifth in the world standings to No. 2 thanks to the Anaheim victory and certainly has the million dollar PBR title well within range. He trails world standings leader Travis Briscoe (Edgewood, N.M.) by a scant 71.75 BFTS points.

For the third time this season, the draft, which takes place during all three-day BFTS events, enabled riders to strategize their way — as well as ride — to victory. Bull riders selected their second round bull in the order based upon how well they finished in the first go round. The draft process was then repeated after the third round with the riders who qualified for the short-go selecting from among the 15 bulls slated to buck in the Built Ford Tough Championship Round.

Crimber picked seventh, while Brendon Clark (Morpeth, NSW, Australia) held the No. 1 draft selection since he led the event with a total on three bulls of 264.75 points. Clark chose Julio and Cindy Moreno’s 2007 American Bucking Bull, Inc. (ABBI) Classic champion, the unridden bull Troubadour, as the one he would face in the final round. However, Troubadour lived up to his formidable reputation, turfing Clark, who was the last man to ride in the finals and the last with a chance to steal victory from Crimber. Crimber’s total of 344.25 points on four bulls was worth $28,796 in PBR bucks.

Adding a new twist to round one action, Friday night featured two men vying for a $25,000 reward in the Enterprise Challenge, a bonus program designed exclusively for the event. As the Team Enterprise rider with the highest round one score, Billy Robinson (Galax, Va.) battled round one winner Brendon Clark (Morpeth, NSW, Australia) for the bonus. The bulls were pre-selected for the challenge by PBR Livestock Director Cody Lambert and Robinson faced Priest Creek Ranches’ 3 Spot, while Clark was up against Ryan McClure’s Hypnotic. Robinson earned 88.5 points for his effort aboard 3 Spot to edge Clark, who scored 88.25, by just one quarter of one point for the $25,000.

Additionally, the Anaheim Invitational was the second of 17 events on the 2008 Bull Team Challenge tour. Twenty-two teams have been formed, each providing $50,000 for the opportunity to win their share of the $1.1 million total competition purse throughout the 2008 season. With 223.25 points earned this weekend, the 4C’s Bucking Bulls and Training team overtook the lead in the bull team standings from The Tom and Jerry Show team, owned by Elise Griffin, who won in Winston-Salem, N.C. The 4C’s team pocketed $20,000 while the team of Northern Exposure scored 223 points for second, which was worth $10,000. For more information and the official rules on the PBR’s new Bull Team Challenge, please visit http://www.pbrnow.com/competition/BullTeams.

The race for PBR’s million dollar world title takes the top 45 to St. Louis, Mo. on February 22-24 with the Enterprise Rent-A-Car Invitational. VERSUS airs PBR events every Saturday and Sunday evening. Be sure to check www.pbrnow.com for upcoming cities, ticket information and complete broadcast times.

Injury Report:
Greg Potter (Queensland, AUS) suffered broken ribs but is probable to compete in St. Louis, Mo.

Mike White (De Kalb, Texas) sprained his right foot but is probable to compete in St. Louis, Mo.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s “Ride with the Best” Bonus:

As the winner of the second round of the North Carolina Invitational last weekend, Billy Robinson (Galax, Va.) was eligible for the Enterprise Rent-A-Car “Ride with the Best” bonus money on Friday night in Anaheim. Robinson successfully covered Western Rodeo, Inc.’s Stinger for 87 points to claim the $5,000 bonus. As the Anaheim Invitational first round winner, Brendon Clark (Morpeth, NSW, Australia) was eligible to compete for the Enterprise Rent-A-Car “Ride with the Best” $5,000 bonus ride on Saturday night. Clark successfully covered Priest Creek Ranch’s 3 Spot for 88.5 points to claim the $5,000 bonus. Robson Palermo (Rio Branco, Acre, Brazil) was eligible to compete for the Enterprise Rent-A-Car “Ride with the Best” bonus money in round three on Sunday afternoon. Palermo made a qualified ride on Priest Creek Ranch’s Brass Knuckles to claim the $5,000 reward. As the winner of the third round of the Anaheim Invitational, J.B. Mauney (Mooresville, N.C.) will be eligible for the bonus during the first round in St. Louis, Mo.

Ford Truck Moment of Truth Bonus:
Brendon Clark (Morpeth, NSW, Australia) led the event going into the Built Ford Tough Championship Round but did not win the Anaheim Invitational event title; therefore he did not claim the $10,000 Ford Truck Moment of Truth bonus. The bonus will grow to $15,000 at the Enterprise Rent-A-Car Invitational in St. Louis, MO. The bonus grows by $5,000 each week if it is not claimed. Once claimed, it returns to $5,000.

Ford Super Duty Challenge:
As the Anaheim Invitational event winner Paulo Crimber (Olimpia, SP, Brazil) has qualified for a chance to compete at the PBR Built Ford Tough World Finals, against all other 2008 Built Ford Tough Series event winners, for $50,000 toward the purchase of a 2009 Ford Super Duty Truck. The Ford Super Duty Challenge contestant who finishes the highest in the event aggregate during the 2008 PBR Built Ford Tough World Finals will win the Ford Super Duty Challenge.

Salem NationaLease Bull of the Event:
God’s Gift, owned by Don Kish Bucking Bulls, was the high marked bull of the event with a score of 47.5 points, and was awarded $1,250 as a part of Salem NationaLease’s exciting bonus program. The program awards $1,250 to the top bull of the event as determined by the PBR judges’ bull scores.

Cabela’s World’s Foremost Ride:
Brendon Clark (Morpeth, NSW, Australia) recorded the highest marked ride of the event when he topped Judd Leffew/Gary Isabel’s SoulJa Boy for 90.5 points during the Anaheim Invitational. In doing so, he earned a $1,000 bonus.

The rider who achieves the highest score at each BFTS regular season event, excluding the PBR World Finals receives a bonus of $1,000 for the accomplishment. The PBR athlete who achieves the highest marked qualifying ride during the entire 2008 BFTS regular season, excluding the PBR World Finals event will receive $25,000, while second and third place finishers will be awarded $10,000 and $5,000, respectively. The bull rider that achieves the highest marked ride through the course of the entire 2008 PBR BFTS World Finals will earn an additional $10,000.

Anaheim Invitational Results:
ROUND ONE: 1) Brendon Clark (Morpeth, NSW, Australia) 90.5 points on Judd Leffew/Gary Isabel’s SoulJa Boy, $7,000; 2) Travis Briscoe (Edgewood, N.M.) 90 points on Homestead Genetics Wrangler Magic, $5,000; 3/4) Robson Palermo (Rio Branco, Acre, Brazil) 87 points on George Walschon/Gene Baker/Home’s Bravo, $2,500; 3/4) Billy Robinson (Galax, Va.) 87 points on Western Rodeo Inc.’s Stinger, $2,500.

ROUND TWO: 1) Robson Palermo (Rio Branco, Acre, Brazil) 90.5 points on Kaycee Simpson’s Tighty Whitey, $2,730; 2) Pistol Robinson (Burleson, Texas) 90 points on 4C’s/James Sills’ Carrillo Cartel, $1,950; 3) Cord McCoy (Tupelo, Okla.) 89.25 points on 4C’s/James Sills/Burba’s Total Darkness, $1,170; 4/5) Brian Canter (Randleman, N.C.) 88.75 points on Corey & Horst Rodeo Company Inc.’s Re-Vamp, $624; 4/5) Kody Lostroh (Longmont, Colo.) 88.75 points on Homestead Genetics’ Wrangler Magic, $624.

ROUND THREE: 1) J.B. Mauney (Mooresville, N.C.) 90.25 points on 4C’s Bucking Bulls/Marvin Nixon’s Devil’s Night, $2,730; 2) Pistol Robinson (Burleson, Texas) 88.25 points on Western Rodeos, Inc.’s Popsicle, $1,950; 3) L.J. Jenkins (Texico, N.M) 88 points on Corey & Horst Rodeo Company Inc.’s Hellfire, $1,170; 4) Dustin Elliott (North Platte, Neb.) 87.75 points on Flying U/Moreno Bucking Bulls’ Hombre, $780;

BUILT FORD TOUGH CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND: 1) Paulo Crimber (Olimpia, Sao Paulo, Brazil) 90.5 points on Naccarato Bucking Bulls’ All In, $2,730; 2) J.B. Mauney (Mooresville, N.C.) 88.75 points on Chumley/Katich/R&L’s Dr. Proctor, $1,950; 3) Dustin Elliott (North Platte, Neb.) 87.5 points on 4C’s/ Alex Naccarato’s Squaw’s Dream, $1,170; 4) Nick Landreneau (Sulphur, La.) 83.25 points on Don Kish Bucking Bulls’ Scoundrel, $780;

OVERALL EVENT STANDINGS: 1) Paulo Crimber (Olimpia, Sao Paulo, Brazil) 344.25 points, $28,796; 2) Brendon Clark (Morpeth, NSW, Australia) 264.75 points, $26,312; 3) Pistol Robinson (Burleson, Texas) 264 points, $12,400; 4/5) J.B. Mauney (Mooresville, N.C.) 263.5 points, $9,848; 4/5) Robson Palermo (Rio Branco, Acre, Brazil) 263.5 points, $15,157;

BUILT FORD TOUGH WORLD STANDINGS: (The PBR World Champion is based on total Built Ford Tough Series points earned through the season)
1) Travis Briscoe (Edgewood, N.M.) 3,338.25, $209,236; 2) Paulo Crimber (Olimpia, Sao Paulo, Brazil) 3,266.5 points, $62,036; 3) Kody Lostroh (Longmont, Colo.) 3,188.5 points, $49,287; 4) Mike Lee (Decatur, Texas) 2,617 points, $44,096; 5) Guilherme Marchi (Leme, SP, Brazil) 2,592.25 points, $27,739; 6) Kasey Hayes (Liberal, Kans.) 2,552.25 points, $76,967; 7) J.B. Mauney (Mooresville. N.C.) 2,490.5 points, $52,237; 8 ) Mike White (De Kalb, Texas) 2,316.5 points, $31,856; 9) Nick Landreneau (Sulphur, La.) 2,239.5 points, $62,542; 10) L.J. Jenkins (Texico, N.M.) 2,198 points, $31,226.