CHIHUAHUA, Mexico (August 17, 2008 ) – The crowd of the Manuel Bernardo Aguirre Gymnasium was treated to an exceptional afternoon of bull riding as the Professional Bull Riders’ premier international event, the 2008 PBR World Cup, concluded. In the end, Team USA left Chihuahua, Mexico victorious with a total of 878 points over four rounds and $100,000 in prize money on August 16-17, 2008.

Team USA went into the 2008 World Cup with an extremely strong team. Three of the five members are in the top 10 of the 2008 PBR World Standings—Kody Lostroh (Longmont, Colo.), J.B. Mauney (Mooresville, N.C.), and L.J. Jenkins (Texico, N.M.); the fourth member was two-time and reigning PBR World Champion Justin McBride (Elk City, Okla.); and rounding out the team was PBR fan favorites Sean Willingham (Summerville, Ga.) and Team USA alternate Luke Snyder (Raymore, Mo.). They took second place after the first two rounds on Saturday evening and then dominated Sunday afternoon’s two rounds, finishing the weekend almost 100 points ahead of Team Canada who finished in second place overall.

“With the Olympics going on and everything going on in the world like it is, we got a chance to compete for our country. Going into it, Brazil looked to be our biggest challenge. We started out slow, but in the end, we put our chins down and hands closed,” JW Hart, Team USA’s captain, stated.

Team Canada, once again, was the runner-up for a second year in a row as they finished the weekend with 773.25 total points, although they had a strong start on Saturday, finishing as the number one team after the first two rounds. Last year’s winner Team Brazil, captained by retiring PBR legend, Adriano Moraes (Cachoeira Paulista, SP, Brazil), ended the weekend in third place with 773 points. Rounding out fourth and fifth place was home country Team Mexico with 497.25 points and Team Australia with 262.5 points.

A special announcement was also made during Sunday’s performance to announce the home of the 2009 PBR World Cup. Barretos, Brazil will host the premier international event on August 28-30. Tune in next August to find out who will take the home the 2009 World Cup title and bragging rights for a year!!



Round One Scores:
1) Team Canada, 256.25 points; 2) Team USA, 86.25 points; 3) Team Brazil, 84 points

Round Two Scores:
1) Team USA, 267.25 points; 2) Team Brazil, 256.25 points; 3) Team Canada, 170.25 points; 4) Team Mexico, 159.25 points; 5) Team Australia, 88.25 points.

Standings after the First Night:
1) Team Canada, 426.5 points; 2) Team USA, 353.5 points; 3) Team Brazil, 340.25 points; 4) Team Mexico, 244.25 points; 5) Team Australia, 88.25 points.


Round Three Scores:
1) Team USA, 258.75 points; 2) Team Brazil, 173 points; 3) Team Canada, 170.75 points; 4) Team Australia, 89 points; 5) Team Mexico, 88.75 points.

Round Four Scores:
1) Team USA, 263.75 points; 2) Team Brazil, 259.75 points; 3) Team Canada, 176 points; 4/5) Team Australia, 85.5 points; 4/5 Team Mexico, 85.25 points.

1) Team USA, 878 points – $100,000; 2) Team Canada, 773.25 points; 3) Team Brazil, 773 points; 4) Team Mexico, 497.25 points; 5) Team Australia, 262.5 points.