Mission Statement:

Sports Image Times was created to provide great imagery and articles which are not the typical fare found in other sports publications. Our intent is to capture not only the action of the sporting event but the emotions of the participants. Whenever possible Sports Image Times will provide the content that any fan of any sport will truly appreciate of the behind the scenes sweat, blood, and tears that goes into preparation for the event as well as the aftermath of the event itself. Winning is NOT everything, but it is the goal of every participant and we will strive to demonstrate the joy of the win, the disappointment of the loss, and the determined drive to achieve a place in sporting history.

Sports Image Times also has another purpose and reason for being. We intend to provide a platform or vehicle for talented individuals which otherwise would not have an opportunity to bring you these great images and articles. Due to our background in the educational field we desire to groom the future Photojournalist and Sports Writers of the world. Our intent is to afford these talented individuals an opportunity to become part of the mainstream media and to bring their artistic endeavors to the forefront through our various programs. Any educational program can teach the basics of the sports journalism industry, but there are limited numbers of placements for experience gained prior to receiving their diploma or even after receipt of the diploma. Our love of the sports arena combined with our desire to enrich the experience of the future sports journalist and photographer is our driving force for this wonderful publication. Our readers, employees, and interns will all experience the fulfillment of knowledge and will hopefully come away from each edition of our electronic magazine with a more complete insight as to the inner workings of the sport with a greater appreciation for all aspects of what has been provided.

The Emotional Representation of the Sport:

Many times many fans of any sport do not realize all that goes into the preparation to participate. Many of the behind the scenes actions takes an army of participants to make the grade simply to enter the contest. Yes, Sports is always about a contest and winning but each event can only have one winner. Through the eye and artistry of each of our representatives we intend to portray an accurate interpretation of the immense efforts that are required to effectively compete in the chosen arena and category of sports. The joy of success and winning are important, but the ability to compete and make the event in many cases is just as important as the win. Many times the opportunity to compete is a Win in itself, and the road to success has many twists and turns which we intend to portray. As the wise man once stated, “It’s the journey and not the destination that is important.” We intend to report and demonstrate the struggle to “make the grade”, and to portray the Journey that many desire and few achieve.
Our Niche:

Sports Image Times does not portend to be the end-all be-all for reporting of any sporting venue. Hence, we must limit our focus initially so as to be able to establish ourselves as a reliable authority within specific venues. Initially we will be reporting predominately on Motorsports, Collegiate, and Equine competition. As we build and develop our organization and following we will then branch out into other sporting arenas. It takes substantial time to groom and develop our artists, experts, relationships, and followers. We will provide the best we can at all times for all of our constituents with the ultimate intention of creating the best Sports oriented on-line magazine possible. As we grow so shall our readership and stakeholder base.

We appreciate your time in visiting with us and hopefully you will come away with the insight of what we as Sports Image Times is about and what we desire to achieve. Our pledge is to offer the best that we can at all times, and to always listen to our stakeholders to continuously improve as we grow. Thank you.

Sports Image Times